‘Red Scare’ Aftermath: Exiting the Crypto Closet

The day after “Red Scare Pod and the Crypto Nexus” was published, I received an email from someone named Leonard Evans. The email said, “Photographs of Dasha Nekrasova with imperialist mercenary Brace Belden in which she is seen drawing on a woman’s face and posing with an SS flag.”

It was an apt description of the attached photos.

I added them to the original post and tweeted about it. The photos bolstered the case I had made in several important ways. It also caused an influx of traffic to the post; a lot more people read it than otherwise would have.

The next day something surprising happened. Dasha posted on Twitter that she herself had sent the photos under an alias as a ‘prank.’

Dasha Nekrasova admitted to sharing a picture of herself hanging up an SS flag in a now-deleted Tweet.

Not only was Dasha not ashamed of a photo of her with an SS flag, she had willfully circulated it to the largest possible audience. Dasha knew that this photo would be attached to her name and follow her for the rest of her life, and decided in a span of less than a day that she was cool with that.

She later deleted the Tweet. When asked why she deleted it, she responded, “My CIA handler told me to.

Actions and Reactions

So far, none of the evidence presented in “Red Scare Pod and the Crypto Nexus” has been disputed or refuted. There has, however, been a wide variety of attempts at distraction and deflection, and many other, uh, interesting responses. Here’s a quick survey:

Two people, including an apparent old friend of Dasha’s, thought that criticizing someone for using Nazi imagery was callous and lacked nuance.

One person waded in to assert that Nazi imagery is a part of their family heritage that they have every right to “honor”:


Multiple people, including an apparent Socialist group, explained that it was mocking or sarcasm. One person seemed to suggest that using Nazi imagery is simply part of a long, cherished art tradition. I would ask why that tradition exists.


A few people insisted that this work was personal, jealous ‘hating.’ Now, I’m no social expert, but this sure seems like a difficult and backwards way of getting invited to parties with these extremely cool, enviable people. (Note: it’s unclear if the account pictured is actually run by AK).

Jeff Bezos propagandist Liz Bruenig responded to the revelation of her compatriot circulating a photo of herself with an SS flag the same way any of us normal people would, with no denouncement or distancing whatsoever, and a light joke:


Yep, extremely normal stuff. Nothing to worry about.

Most of the boring irony shitposters responded exactly the way you’d expect, doing their jobs shutting down discourse and debate by joining with ‘ironic’ fascists to dismiss or mock me and others as ‘crazy’:

“Commie Cadet” Spenser Rapone, the U$ soldier who made a remarkably sheepdip-like ‘exit’ from the military and immediate launch into a ‘Left’ media career, made an entrance to joke around with Dasha, and made his own tweet deriding me as ‘unhinged.’ Apparently his mission to obliterate any internal movement against U.$. imperialism by making us all sympathetic to the military isn’t enough fascist entryism for him, so he’s got to pile on with the ‘irony’ fascists to defend SS flags, too. (archived)

Many people on Twitter responded to Dasha’s revelation that she had emailed the pictures by following her lead and insisting that I had been tricked or one-upped. That doesn’t make sense, but knowing this crowd, it doesn’t have to. I would’ve shared the picture regardless of who sent it; it’s a picture of her with an SS flag. Sadly, her followers’ response to this only reveals how locked into irony-poisoning and groupthink they are, blindly following, no longer capable of seeing events for what they really are.

Context Matters

A few people defended this stunt on the grounds that Jewish people could reclaim the SS flag. Unfortunately, available context doesn’t favor that as an excuse. As blog commenter Homer wrote:

sure maybe dasha owning an ss flag is some kind of extremely sophisticated attempt to grapple with her own intergenerational trauma, as somebody asserted on twitter in her defense, but when you look at the people who hang out [in] her mentions on twitter or on reddit that’s not what they’re getting out of it. they just like that she’s created a space for them to use the r-word or indulge in whatever gross white-supremacist, bourgeois bad habits they don’t want to let go of.

Well stated. But does it hold up? Well, several days after it all went down, I checked in on the Red Scare subreddit. Someone had shared a homemade spoof of Red Scare guest Angela Nagle’s book cover to make it about Angela being able to say the n-word, and featuring a picture of watermelon, which is a racist trope. So they have a single bad fan, right? If only. The post had received 71 upvotes. That means a net 71 people on the Red Scare subreddit thought that this horrible racist joke was funny (the original image does not censor the n-word).


If you had any remaining doubt that ‘ironic’ fascist media just attracts and organizes fascists, I hope this will remove that doubt.

The Impact

As discussed in the original post, all of this acts as a kind of infiltration or entryism. How can such a sizable group of ‘Socialists’ be entertained by a racist joke and want to express that? How can people tell when something is just ‘ironically’ fascist or actually fascist? Why does it feel like the whole point is to make it impossible and undesirable to distinguish that? Again – where does the ‘ironic’ fascism end and the Socialism begin? How can we ever believe anything that these people say when their whole game relies on it never being clear whether they’re being serious or ‘just ironic’?

As my Twitter mutual John noted pithily,

“it’s incredibly telling how they could ‘ironically’ goose-step through the Auschwitz museum and their followers would march right along with them.”

‘Ironic’ fascist imagery desensitizes us to the severity of the topics at hand. It can change our mentality and behavior without us realizing. Studies show that a joke is never just a joke. What happens when the fanbases of these ‘ironically’ fascist media ventures gather around together, make racist jokes together, start getting ideas? If you are following all of this and don’t see a problem here, it might be time to take a step back and reassess.

Who is Charles Reinhardt?

A lot has happened in the few days since I posted “Red Scare Pod and the Crypto Nexus.” A follow-up post is coming.

One thing that happened in the aftermath is that I got a tip from a reputable source that Chapo Trap House, Cumtown and Red Scare all share the same business manager.

“You didn’t hear it from me,” the source said, “but I found out recently that Chapo, Cumtown and Red Scare all share the same freelance business manager” and that his business is called Advice Party LLC.

They added, “I think it’s something people deserve to know, ’cause folks are always trying to distance their relationships.”

They sent me his LinkedIn. His name is Charles Reinhardt, and Advice Party LLC is listed on his profile.

Charles Reinhardt’s LinkedIn page

I haven’t been able to find any internet presence or contact information for Advice Party LLC. I have not been able to contact Charles – I’m not able to message him on LinkedIn without signing up for a premium account.
Advice Party has a website here. Reinhardt did not respond to my query.

So far, I’ve been unable to confirm that Reinhardt is working as a business manager for these podcasts.

Nevertheless, some very interesting things have managed to turn up about Reinhardt, which I think are still worth sharing.

Advice Party LLC

According to business registration records online, Advice Party LLC was registered on January 10, 2017. See here and here, and archived pages here and here.


Reinhardt’s profile on KeyWiki, a creepy, Canary Mission-style website that prolifically documents people and organizations who have been involved in ‘Left’ activism, says that he joined the New York City Democratic Socialists of America Facebook Group on January 20, 2017, very soon after registering his LLC (archived). It’s unclear if Reinhardt is a member of the DSA. Another KeyWiki page says that Reinhardt RSVP’d on Facebook to a Brooklyn DSA meeting on February 23, 2017.


The timing of these events isn’t far from when Chapo Trap House first started making the big bucks on their Patreon. An archive of their Patreon page from October 5, 2017 shows them making $15,103 per month. Less than three months later, on December 24, they had doubled their Patreon income, to $30,935 per month. Subtracting Patreon’s cut, each podcaster would still be making a very livable income at that point.


Twitter user @Prodigis alerted me to the fact that a Charles Reinhardt published a single piece in Jacobin in 2013, “Death of a Trader” (archived). The bio of Charles Reinhardt on Jacobin (archived) matched the information on the LinkedIn page. For some reason, the Jacobin bio doesn’t mention that Reinhardt’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) is in Finance, as a screenshot from his LinkedIn profile shows below.

Reinhardt’s bio on Jacobin’s website


Reinhardt’s education, according to his LinkedIn page

Previous work that Reinhardt has listed on his LinkedIn page is compatible with managing a lucrative, high-profile podcast. He had done financial management for arts venues.

Charles Reinhardt has previously done financial management for the art gallery Babycastles and the music venue Silent Barn.

Things Get Interesting

Other past work experience was not so congruent, at least on the surface. Reinhardt has apparently done two separate stints as a Research Analyst for Defense Research & Development Canada. Prior to these gigs, he was an Administrative Assistant at the Ministry of the Attorney general, where he worked in two courts “dealing with federal and provincial charges.”

Charles Reinhardt has done two separate stints as a Research Technician for Defense Research & Development Canada, from June 2009 – March 2010 and then again from Oct. 2010 – March 2011.
Before Defense R & D for Canada, Reinhardt worked for the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Defense Research & Development Canada is exactly what it sounds like. The official website gives the following description (archived here):

We are the national leader in defence science and technology, and develop and deliver new technical solutions and advice to the Department of National Defence, the Canadian Armed Forces, other federal departments, and the safety and security communities.

We are an Agency of the Department of National Defence and work with partners in academia, government and industry and with Canada’s allies.

Reinhardt worked within the military surveillance apparatus of NATO member Canada for almost two years, in two separate stints. Less than two years later, he published in Jacobin.

Making Connections

If nothing else, the information here shows that Jacobin doesn’t vet their writers for connection to the NATO military surveillance apparatus. That’s putting it extremely generously. How does a national defense analyst come to write for a Socialist magazine less than two years later? How did he get introduced to the people at Jacobin? Jacobin takes unsolicited submissions, but given Reinhardt’s location in NYC, his connections to the “scene” there, and the fact that someone would even think to connect him to the very Jacobin-affiliated irony podcasters, it seems pretty unlikely that he’s a remote contributor who doesn’t actually know any of the Jacobin people.

In theory, a true “Socialist” magazine would be written by working class people who, organically in the social web, are the absolute furthest people possible from National Defense. Dear reader, excluding rank-and-file soldiers, do you have any extended family or friends, or know literally anyone at all who works in National Security, Defense or Intelligence? Most people sure don’t. It’s not the kind of job that a large percentage of the population has done at some point, like working at a restaurant or working in retail. It wouldn’t be statistically likely even if people were scattered about randomly in the world. In class society where we know the bourg and petty bourg are very, very disproportionately connected to the military surveillance apparatus, that unlikeliness is only compounded.

Perhaps what I’ve said in the preceding two paragraphs isn’t making much of a point when Jacobin and the DSA are both known to be very supportive of former and current soldiers of the U.$. Empire. (archived)

As stated above, I don’t have additional confirmation that Reinhardt is managing the podcasts beyond my one source. Hopefully the info connected here will force some more information out. Stay tuned.

Update 12/30/2018: A reader has informed us that on the Dec. 10 episode of Cumtown, “michael jordan peterson,” they all acknowledge that Charles is their bookkeeper. Nick Mullen brings up the topic, sounding irritated, and seems to imply that Charles helped them, or at least Mullen, set up an S corp. You can listen to the clip here; it starts at about 5:55 in the full episode.

The Chapo Trap House Reader

From right to left: Chapo hosts Felix Biederman, Will Menaker, and Matt Christman with Twitter user @mikedelic, who has been known to take an unusual interest in teenagers. The grey wolf emoji and hand symbol are a “fun” reference to fascists in Turkey. Courtesy of @willmenaker.

Chapo Trap House is a “new progressive Left” comedy podcast made by 5 scrappy millennials who are beating the odds in media with their independent, grassroots project funded by listeners. Felix Biederman, Will Menaker, Matt Christman, Amber A’Lee Frost and Virgil Texas are inspiring a new generation to look beyond establishment Democrats like Hillary Clinton and fight for Socialism. They are the “Dirtbag Left,” a movement of cool young Socialists who shun “political correctness” and embrace “vulgarity.” At least, that’s how the story goes.

Critics paint a less rosy picture of the project and the people involved. Some point out that, for all their shit talk and revolutionary posturing, Chapo ultimately stumps for the Democrats again and again. Others point out that the hosts of Chapo are actually quite connected to bourgeois establishment politics and media (Menaker’s father is former executive editor-in-chief of Random House, and was also a fiction editor at The New Yorker for twenty years!). How else could one explain the Chapo crew’s ability to rake in over $1.3 million per year on Patreon for what is essentially a bi-weekly radio show?

Many point out that the “ironic” humor that Chapo hosts have brought from their channer days and continue to propagate is anti-social, obliterating the ability to say or do anything sincerely and creating ‘plausible deniability’ for all behavior, making accountability for any kind of wrongdoing impossible. “Ironic” jokes sometimes include racist and sexist humor; they’ve been known to call people “pussies” and “retarded,” and to deride anyone who objects. “Go on Chapo!” dozens of fans have been known to reply to anyone who dare criticize Chapo on Twitter.

The compulsion for “edgy” jokes and the enforced irreverence can blur the lines between Chapo and their fanbase and every other swarm of neo-Nazi channers who live online and love “ironic” humor. White supremacist Richard Spencer noted exactly this in a March 2018 speech:

“We were listening to the Chapo Trap House podcast, which I listen to every week. I do find it kind of amazing, if you listen to, like, 15 minutes of it, it sounds like an alt-right podcast in terms of the jokes, the themes, the cynicism, the irreverence. It’s pretty funny.”

Chapo Trap House is affiliated with the “big tent” Socialist organization the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Multiple Chapo co-hosts are members of the org, and prominent members of the DSA have built clout and influence through their friendships with Chapo. Thanks to its persistent support of Democrats and its leadership’s inability to resist association with irreverent “edgelords,” the DSA has occasionally been called “the Democrats of Something Awful.”

The “Left” media spectacle always seems to lead back to Chapo Trap House, and it will take many posts to tackle their seemingly infinite connections to establishment media, the Democratic Party, multi-millionaires, neo-Nazis, and intelligence. For now, an introductory reader is in order.

This introductory reading list will be continually updated as I find new resources worth adding.

The List:

1. First on the docket is a touchstone analysis to which I will make frequent reference: a Twitter thread from Crypto Cuttlefish (@cuttlefish_btc) that explains the big picture of Chapo Trap House and their irony ilk’s impact. If the original Twitter thread goes down, you can read a transcript here.

2. What happened? I: Virgil Texas: Chapo’s connections to Nick Mullen and neo-Nazis Sam Hyde and w*ev (archived)

3. Frosted Flakes: A look at Amber A’Lee Frost’s taking aim at anyone who’s not a respectable yuppie “Leftist” (archived)

4. If It Quacks Like a Fascist…: On “irony” (archived)

5. Chapo Trap House Sucks lol: A kind of oral history of Chapo (archived)

6. The Cafe.com Rabbit Hole: Chapo’s connections to millionaires and the Democratic party (archived)

7. Will Menaker’s family’s connections to U.S. intelligence (archived: one, two)

8. Chapo Trap House is “The Daily Show” for Smarter Suckers (archived)

9. Chapo’s probable business manager previously did research for Canadian National Defense.


Readings may be added. You can send suggestions to pettycartography@gmail.com.