Red Scare Pod and the Crypto Nexus

What is the Red Scare podcast, and how does it fit into the problem of ‘Left’ infiltration?

Red Scare

Red Scare might just be the epitome of pointless contrarian bullshitting by bored upper middle class kids. Anna Khachiyan and Dasha Nekrasova started this project in early 2018, and you probably would never have heard of it if they weren’t coastal petit bourg with just enough connection to the elite New York media class. Prominent media publications certainly don’t profile every nobody who records themselves talking for a few consecutive weeks. Red Scare has known relationships with members of the Chapo Trap House and Cumtown podcasts, and may or may not share a business manager with them.

As a Twitter pal wrote the other day, “Can’t get over how some absurdly reactionary person said they like pizza and healthcare and parlayed that into making nearly $100k from some shitty podcast.” Well said.

Red Scare is currently being targeted by Shia LaBeouf collaborator Luke Turner, who has evidently taken it upon himself to fight fascist ideology in the bourgeois art world, over their refusal to stop using the “r slur.” So far, this has resulted in the suspension of Anna’s 9-year-old Twitter account.

Dasha Nekrasova

You would probably know Dasha best as “Sailor Socialism.” Dasha was a poet and indie actress in LA before she moved to NYC a few years ago at least in part to date her boyfriend who makes a nice Patreon living mocking rape and mental disability on the Cumtown podcast with Nick Mullen. She had been friends with Khachiyan, at least online, for several years at that point. On her own, Dasha isn’t particularly bad, but her involvement here illustrates how generally unscrupulous the petit bourg are.

Anna Khachiyan

Anna Khachiyan is the daughter of a successful mathematician who was a professor at Rutgers. Anna is a dropout of an NYU PhD program who would be known to most people from her Twitter account where she posted one-offs written for virality over the past several years.  Some posts were funny and got a lot of retweets. Many were political. She used the word “neoliberal” prolifically in a way that sounded like she didn’t really understand what it meant.

I started paying closer attention to Anna after I noticed that her political posts, when decipherable, were pretty reactionary. It wasn’t just once. I got annoyed that people who styled themselves as “Leftists” followed and retweeted her, and didn’t seem to care about the questionable remarks she made.

I dug into her old posts. It became clear to me that, where a message shone through the pseudo-intellectual buzzword salad she often wrote in, it was a very reactionary one. She criticized “liberal feminism” and praised Camille Paglia amid low-brow misogynist posts.

“A guy like Donald Trump primarily attracts glorified prostitutes so you probably shouldn’t feel too bad for anyone whose pussy he grabbed.”
“Often, the difference between having a good time and having a #MeToo moment boils down to whether or not you think the guy is a good lay or not.”

I noted Anna’s friendships with “Socialist” micro-celebrities Amber A’Lee Frost, of Chapo Trap House and the DSA, and Angela Nagle, author and pundit. Pictures of them hanging out appeared on her Instagram page. Having seen these people propagate Strasserist ideology on the “Left” over and over again, I feel pretty comfortable describing them both as crypto fascists. But I’d never seen Anna label her political beliefs until I dug a bit.

In 2015, she tweeted “Let’s be clear on one thing: I am not and have never been a liberal or a leftist. I’m a cryptofascist, and the ‘crypto’ is being generous.” (archived)


An archived page of her Twitter account from 2014 shows a bio hinting at libertarianism: “If Ayn Rand and Adam Carolla had a daughter. – nobody, ever”

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 10.35.34 PM
Ayn Rand lover?

The reaction of my “Leftist” peers to Anna Khachiyan’s misogyny and a crypto-fascism surprised me: they either didn’t care, or they thought she was being “ironic.” It was disturbing. Why did these people who thought themselves real ‘radicals’ continue to follow and retweet a clear reactionary?

Guests and Friends

Red Scare guests Angela Nagle and Amber A’Lee Frost are prolific crypto fascists in their own right who will be covered in other posts, so I’m only going to focus on two RS guests: Liz Bruenig and Deanna Havas.

Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig a.k.a. Liz Bruenig

Liz Bruenig is a 27-year-old propagandist at Jeff Bezo’s Washington Post. She is a Christian “Socialist” whose marriage, religion and motherhood figure prominently into her public image. She is known for her pro-life stance, which she discussed on Red Scare. She has also been a guest on Chapo Trap House.

The Chapo connection can be explained, at least superficially; they’re all “Democratic Socialists.” But what about her friendship with Khachiyan and her guest appearance on Red Scare? Is it just run-of-the-mill media career boosting? Or is it that their latent mutual love of the patriarch-led white nuclear family unites them? Perhaps a combination of both? A commenter summed up Bruenig’s role on the Left nicely on the Chapo subreddit: “NazBol lite.”

Deanna Havas

Deanna Havas is a “conceptual artist” from NYC. Khachiyan started following her on Twitter in 2009, and it appears they’ve been friends for at least a few years. Havas went on Red Scare last month to say it’s “bourgeois” to care about climate change.

During the 2016 election, Deanna Havas was a Trump supporter. I observed it first hand then, but you don’t have to take it from me, as there are lots and lots of screenshots:

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.38.31 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.38.01 PMDeanna_Havas_a17Deanna_Havas_a12Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.34.37 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.35.41 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.36.12 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.42.27 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.47.33 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.47.52 PM

Additional Havas tweets can be found here. (archived)

It gets worse. Deanna Havas is linked to LD50, the “Nazi gallery” in London. In early 2017, LD50 faced protests for having an “alt-right” show in the wake of Trump’s election. Protestors wrote that LD50 “functioned as an organising space for racists and as a media platform to infiltrate the London artworld.” The gallery owner Lucia Diego expressed in writing that she was sympathetic to Trump’s “Muslim ban.” The Baffler article notes, “There is strong evidence to suggest that Diego is and has been for some time personally sympathetic to the far right.”

Havas had an art show there in the summer of 2016. Given everything else we know about Havas, it seems doubtful that her showing at LD50 is just a weird coincidence.


Lest you think this is obscure Internet drama, last month students at Yale told their professor that they did not want Deanna Havas as a guest speaker because of her racist posts. The student newspaper published and then took down a statement from Havas, issuing an apology in light of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting.

The Crypto Nexus

So to review: “Socialist” Liz Bruenig debates whether abortion is ok on a podcast that’s one or two degrees tops from neo-Nazis, and that’s considered “fun intellectual debate” on the ‘Left’ these days.

How can neo-Nazis and “Socialists” – including Jacobin writers and DSA organizers – be friends with the same people, and be guests on the same podcast? Even if, being the art world / media class climbers that they are, these people’s only goal is to boost each other’s capitalist careers through cross-promotion, their actions still have a real impact on Socialist organizing.

Where does the “ironic” fascism end and the Socialism begin? How did it become acceptable to oppose abortion as a Socialist? How did joking about racism and disability become acceptable behavior for Socialists? There’s a word for when the morals and goals of a movement are compromised or subverted: infiltration.

Let’s return to the Cuttlefish thread from the Chapo Reader, which discusses infiltration and sabotage:

One way to sabotage democratic socialist organizing would be to prevent the most oppressed (the ones with the least to unlearn) from leading

The “who cares about racist jokes” attitude and the day to day micro-jihads against critics and detractors both feed into the resentment of the privileged, and alienate people with more concrete + fundamental needs.

Another dynamic at play here is the layers of deniability between all of the players – the DSA, Chapo, the agglomeration know as Weird Left Twitter, and the Democratic Party. Critiquing one group because of their implicit support of another can always be dodged – “Nick Mullen isn’t part of Chapo” (even though they share a home + promote each others work) “Chapo isn’t DSA” etc. The sloppy DIY nature of it all makes all of the coordinating and cross-promotion and sharing of resources appear social and informal, so there’s nothing concrete to critique.

Those who wish to derail Socialist organizing will sabotage with irony and apathy. Those who wish to subvert will inject it with reactionary ideology. If we are ever to build Socialism successfully, we must stay vigilant of and thwart these efforts.


**Update: a reader named Leonard Christie Evans has shared photos of Dasha hanging out with local Zionist agitator turned imperialist mercenary Brace Belden and hanging up an SS flag in someone’s house (that’s apparently Belden in the foreground). You know, normal fun stuff.


Addendum 1:

You need to understand the context in which all of this is being said. This isn’t about ‘cancelling’ people who were ‘problematic’ one time. It’s not about proving that specific individuals are uniquely bad. You should dump irony podcasters, but not because one of them gave a questionable soundbite once.

The overall point that I and others are making doesn’t hinge on any one thing. People can reach all they want to discard this and that, but it doesn’t matter, the general point still stands. The point being made is an overall point about a class of people. We make a lot of connections and present a lot of evidence to show the overall picture. The big picture is to see how these petit bourg are all connected: media people, art world people, Jacobin, DSA leadership, Democrats and neo-Nazis, when they’re powerful enough to be ‘relevant.’ Most of these people are one or two degrees tops from military contractors and corporate media billionaires. They may or may not be directly controlled. They don’t necessarily need to be, or even be conscious of it: it’s in their class interests, organically, to serve bourgeois interests.

A reddit commenter asked, “how do all of these people know each other?” Well, this is how.

36 thoughts on “Red Scare Pod and the Crypto Nexus

  1. magillagorillas

    Great stuff as usual. There are so many people and weird online spaces to critique (the YouTube “Left” is its own can of worms) that influence real-life organizing and it is important to talk these things open and honestly. Thank you for that.


  2. i just don’t understand how your side of the camp on this irony discourse continues to confuse entertainment and actual political organizing. they are entirely separate spheres in real world leftism. no one uses podcasts like red scare to inform their approach to socialist organizing. the sources of entertainment you’re bashing have never made any serious proposals or calls for action — red scare criticizes/analyzes media culture and they have no real influence over leftist organizing. you’re taking them far more seriously than anyone else does (incl themselves, maybe anna aside tbf)


    1. Em, did you read the post and the included links? Irreverence is cancer. Red Scare and their crew are peddling transparently reactionary stuff like “racism is truly working class” and “caring about climate change is bourgeois” on the ostensible ‘Left.’

      You don’t have to have a perfect program for world revolution that solves all problems in order to be right about something. I will freely admit that I did not write the entire canon of Marxist analysis. I’m not the one singular omniscient leader/theorist of the ‘Left,’ and never claimed to be. My detractors can’t refute what’s been written here. On the contrary, they’re inexplicably working overtime to vindicate me, which I’m still struggling to understand.

      The argument that “you give them credence by taking them seriously” is so self-contradictory – if none of this stuff matters, why even bother commenting at all (let alone twice, including accusing me of not publishing dissenting views)? By your own logic, aren’t you giving me credence by taking my blog post seriously?

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Emily, the wall you see between politics and entertainment is not obvious to me nor I’m sure to anyone else even casually acquainted with left media criticism. So could you explain in more specific detail when “entertainers” with thousands of fans finding the hilarious side of Nazism, sexual assault and racist state murder should matter to radicals and when it needn’t and why?

      Liked by 2 people

    3. Homer

      why is entertainment “entirely separate” from political organizing? entertainment doesn’t have political content? they aren’t doing political education?

      and besides that, whatever “fan community” or “social formation” or whatever you want to call it that’s grown around these podcasts is definitely some kind of organization, and it isn’t leftist. keeping your fans cranked up these individualistic feelings – irony, scorn, contempt for outsiders, aspirational identification with the producers of the shows – isn’t dialectical or anti-oppressive or “leftist.” it’s definitely producing some kind of organization but it’s not a progressive one. at best it will never amount to anything more than a heat sink for resentment. at worst, it’s a place for people with actual reactionary ideas to feel comfortable expressing those ideas alongside of “leftist” ideas.

      sure maybe dasha owning an ss flag is some kind of extremely sophisticated attempt to grapple with her own intergenerational trauma, as somebody asserted on twitter in her defense, but when you look at the people who hang out her her mentions on twitter or on reddit that’s not what they’re getting out of it. they just like that she’s created a space for them to use the r-word or indulge in whatever gross white-supremacist, bourgeois bad habits they don’t want to let go of.

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Anna’s tweets have been overwhelmingly earnest, people just think she’s being ironic. I have no idea why they think that. But why would any earnest Socialist ‘ironically’ tweet something like that anyway? And why would the context of everything else they’ve said put it in question in the first place? Who does that ambiguity serve?


  3. Homer

    it’s funny how all of these celeb podcasters are basically losers from successful families. phd dropouts, sons of corporate lawyers with failed comedy careers. and then suddenly, after a years of accomplishing nothing as adults, they all become famous and reasonably well-off as socialist podcasters, of all things. spontaneously.

    they’re probably all too entitled to really think there’s anything odd about that. i guess when your family business is running tax shelters for chicago oligarchs you grow up with certain expectations. why shouldn’t i have a million dollar podcast? why shouldn’t i get my dick sucked by a porn star?

    what’s even more sus than the irony crew all knowing each other from back in the day is that their grandfathers all did cointelpro shit back in the 1950s, and probably crossed paths themselves somewhere between castle bank and the american security council.

    i’m not going to elaborate on that here. maybe felix and brace and will know how their families got their money, maybe not. they can come out with it or they can pretend it didn’t happen and let bloggers explain it to them.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. How delightful to watch the booj “Marxist” Kahina and the cringemakingly self-satisfied trustfund brats who gleefully join her almost weekly defamation campaigns, form a coalition with nazis to defame and demoralize you. And how fun to watch someone else dress you down for being angry about it, because poor kahina has endured so much being so extremely online for the good of us all. It’s totally fine that she and her crew communicate entirely through denunciations, fed jacketing, and shameless mischaracterization like the way she put quotes today around shit you never said.

    Apparently her beef is that you stop short of seeing everyone involved as self-aware, calculating Gladio-type operators, and attribute a lot of the considerable awfulness to petty booj people doing their petty booj thing. I think the truth is a little bit of both but that’s not a discussion that’s ever really interested me. I would rather hazard a guess as to why Kahina and her repulsive acolytes find this alleged “defanging” of their take so provocative: your analysis, or what they take to be your analysis, suggests that being petty booj inherently lends itself to being a fascist piece of shit. This of course gets in the way of the class traitor schtick of Kahina and her pals, all of whom, like her, were born to privilege and why they have the resource to exert disproportionate influence in online spaces.

    I think that Kahina and pals self-assigned managerial and disciplinary role in relation to other leftists owes almost entirely to their class background. Starting with their nanny and housekeeper, they’ve been bossing people around all their lives and so have all of their adult role models. Of course, for the same reasons, self-awareness, humility and just plain being nice is not something their background has predisposed them toward. I know people love the class traitor idea and point to Che and whatnot However, in my experience, the petty booj are awful more easily and often than they are anything else, regardless of what their avowed politics are. In my more disgusted moments, I think the proper role of rich Marxists is to write checks and otherwise shut the fuck up. It’s sure not to campaign against Marxists with less money and lower status. So Kahina, if you’re reading, do the workers a big favor and squander your Trust Fund in some way that doesn’t involve running smear campaigns on Twitter.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. No problem. I’ve been a target for campaigns by both booj Marxists (my rejection of free speech absolutism made me a racist according to them) and by irony bros — the first generation no less — when they were mere meat shields for Nazi lawyer Greenwald. So watching a coalition of the two together form to fuck with you was infuriating to say the least and not simply because I like you and your blog.

        RK and her odious crew of shit stirrers and defamers have disgusted me for quite some time now. I hate how they never engage directly or respectfully — they dunk, denounce and smear — and particularly despise how much they fucking lie, which I also attribute to their class background. This campaign against you is a cousin to Dasha’s odd self-own with the flag. I mean, if they’re provoked by the implication that petty booj awfulness is kind of baked in to being petty booj, requiring only the occasional CIA nudge, making common cause with nazis on Twitter is probably not the best counter. I honestly don’t understand why people put up with them. They’re toxic and it’s on purpose.


    1. vngiapaganda

      Well, that crew attracts people with a certain kind of paranoid mind-state that results in some horrifying group-think too. She’s to some degree at least unconsciously aware of it imo, which is why she calls other people “psychotic” and whatnot when she argues because of her projection issues. I catch up on twitter beefs every so often out of curiosity and one time noticed that, back when I was having arguments with her, she had actually been saying in DMs to someone that I was the son of an arms manufacturer and received hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from my parents or something absurd (she posted screenshots of the DMs for some other reason I forget). I have no idea if she was simply lying or went on some kind of silly investigation and connected a bunch of dots that had nothing to do with each other, but it’s kind of indicative of the defamation strategies used.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. RK and her Booj Crew rarely conclude that someone is merely wrong. They conclude that they are BAD. This then justifies a completely unethical approach to shutting them down, like the cop who plants evidence but only when he’s sure they’re guilty. Whispering campaigns in DMs, ridiculing, calling someone a cop, grossly mischaracterizing things they’ve said and written. It’s all intentional and fully warranted in their view. There’s a war on and this person is an Enemy, pay no attention to their sub-500 follower count. I get the biggest kick from her acolyte Jeremiah. When he’s not being a comically belligerent prick, he goes on long tweet storms about loving your comrades. The self-unawareness is genuinely comedic. Same with earwulf and his little “what’s I do?” act as he RTs one Booj Crew smear after another.


      2. I can’t bring myself to read what they’re saying anymore. Between them and the irony podcast fans who are taunting me, I’m pretty stressed about my privacy and safety, but trying to stay level-headed


      3. vngiapaganda

        I don’t want to get into the personal attack stuff too much but it’s super clownish, and they can’t see at all how little their interpretations make sense or reflect what’s actually in front of them. They take a few words and twist it into whatever they want it to mean. It’s also scary to see people fall into their super toxic mindset, and I was definitely one of them when I first started my account. I personally think this online Marxist advocacy is too ineffective to justify possibly putting people in the orbit of groups like that, and there are definitely others just as bad, which is the main reason why I closed most my stuff down.


      4. Forgive if this comment is threaded wrong. I’m working around WPs thread depth.

        PC, I haven’t looked myself but it’s quite possible they’ve moved on. I think you’re probably aware of the worst of it. It was more the spirit of it that put me off and that the nazi campaign against you didn’t temper their bullshit at all. At least there was some pushback, and I think even many of RKs admirers take these campaigns with a grain of salt.

        You’re right not to look at it though. I know from experience that paying attention to malice just gives it more power. They don’t care about the truth, so arguing is pointless, and they’ll see everything you do as confirming their demonizing caricature. Put politics aside and the line between them and irony nazis becomes very fine. In both cases, the aim is to demoralize you, keep your status low, and discourage others from reading or endorsing you. The tactics for accomplishing that are the same across the spectrum. It’s good to remind yourself that to the same extent that the rank and file are indifferent to your being fucked with, RK and her crew are just a blip for them too.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. it’s super clownish,

        Yeah they’re especially way out there this time. I’m kinda at that stage in the conflict where I’m almost feeling sorry for them. There is something so weird and desperate about all of them. If you look at Jeremiah’s feed, you the most conspicuous outcome of his education is the ability to spin ornate theories as to why someone called him an asshole. That he might just be an asshole, is clearly something he can’t consider. They’ve been lurking on the blog and then dragging from behind their little blocks I could forgive everything if showed an ounce of willingness to just have a conversation about whatever’s eating them. It’s always gotta be this fucking drama where they’re the heroes and everyone else is an imbecile, cop, fascist, stalker, psychopath. They’re obviously all intelligent, but they’re such self-obsessed, deluded wack jobs that they act really fucking stupid.


  5. Homer

    this post was really successful as a provocation and we shouldn’t lose sight of that. it’s shown that the chapo / red scare gang are:

    1) really sensitive about criticism or about outsiders paying attention to their schtick
    2) constantly surveilling social media for criticism or evidence of outsiders paying attention
    3) so upset by finding people paying attention to them that they’ll do anything, even really risky and reckless things, like pre-emptively out themselves as nazis, just to try to get back control of the narrative.

    learning all of that was accomplished with just the first draft of a few blog posts. dasha outing herself and brace as nazis who actually own ss flag was a total bonus and it’s disappointing that rk had to wade into the fight to make it about herself and about how the content of somebody else’s blog not being up to her standards is evidence of some kind of plot to destroy her.

    and besides, putting out too much information just belabors the point and confuses things and throwing out too much tangential personal info makes the target of your critique look like the victim of a stalker or jus turns the critique into a convoluted shitshow that doesn’t get any point across. you don’t do consciousness-raising in the middle of a fistfight. we didn’t need to see pictures of brace belden’s girlfriend’s apartment or his grandmother’s obituary or whatever to make the point that his family owned a private security company that in the 1950’s through the 1970s held millions of dossiers on communist-sympathizing workers, access to which was leased to over 3,500 companies. if you have the facts on your side you can always bait people into compounding their situation by lying, or bait them into outing themselves, as you did here.

    in the moment, seeing that pic of dasha and brace with the ss flag probably turned hundreds of people against them. you could see it in the “wait dasha, that’s actually fucked up” comments around her posts where people were begrudgingly conceding that “the tankies were right about this one.” that could be an opportunity, if the focus could actually stay on reaching out to newly skeptical red scare listeners as opposed to presenting a comprehensive analysis of the chapo / gladio nexus to last for the ages.

    at the end of the day you landed a solid punch on these clowns and they ran away screaming. anna khachiyan has been crying about “lame nerd haters” it her instagram for 2 days. i doubt you’re gonna get any of them to repudiate and self-criticize (maybe anna, who sometimes gives off the vibe that she knows she’s trapped in a persona and is unhappy, could be brought around with some good-cop / bad-cop attention) but every hour that they whine about this on social media is an hour that they’re not pushing their fash entryism to tens of thousands of followers.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re right on all points, Homer, and thanks for putting the focus back on what matters most. I get preoccupied with internecine squabbling. Fuck it. Bonk poked the bear a lot harder than it’s been poked in a long time and they lost the round. That’s what matters.

      At first I wasn’t sure that Dasha’s stunt was self-undermining, simply because I think entryism has to be overtly fash from time to time; otherwise what’s the point? Spenser Rapone ratified it and a smattering of knowing knowers came forward to sneer about not getting irony and punk etc. I tend to think these battles are won mostly by status so I wasn’t convinced Dasha had blundered. But that she’s scrubbed the offending tweet makes your point completely. I saw some discussion in Kahina’s crew about the Chapos going on a housecleaning spree of their own, scrubbing all the Grey Wolves references. Not sure when that happened, but it’s just been in the past coupla days or so, bonk can take credit for that one too. Perhaps they’re starting to realize there is a not-at-all-ridiculous case against them with a nice paper trail.

      Speaking of which, can you direct me to the source of all the info you have the family backgrounds of these people or, if you’re feeling generous, summarizing the juicy bits here with links to the source? You mentioned Cointelpro. I knew about Menaker’s granddad but wasn’t aware that anyone else was implicated the same way? Can you elaborate on that a little?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Homer

        in the 1950s, a consortium of chicago industrialists created the american security council, a far-right think tank and front for the fbi. It was run by 2 belden manufacturing executives, charles craigmile and john fisher (ex fbi). asc then created a franchise of “credit reporting” offices called fidelifacts / fidelifax with branches in 32 major cities. These were used to keep dossiers on communist-sympathizing labor organizers. apparently they held several million dossiers, the largest private collection in the country. although they were essentially an fbi front, because they were a private enterprise they could sell access to the dossiers as a subscription under the rubic of credit reporting (this is how the credit reporting industry began). as a private security company, fidelifax dominated their competition because they could get their intel straight from the fbi via the dozens of “ex” agents running fidelifax field offices. mostly they kept tabs on who was gay and blackmailed them. i think they shut down in the 1970s after being protested by gay rights groups.

        meanwhile tom mcdade (robert menaker’s fbi handler and daniel menaker’s godfather) who was also ex chicago fbi, became head of corporate security for general foods, where i suspect he would have been a major client for fidelifacts. so a likely connection between grandpappy belden, or one of his business partners, and the menakers’ fbi informant ring, which was probably quietly folded back into the socialist workers party.

        you’ll have to dig thru foia’d fbi files on the communist groups that monitored and wrote about asc to find copies of asc letterhead with the board memebers listed

        Click to access Misc%20RR-003B.pdf

        Click to access Item%2001.pdf

        isgp (sketchy site) has some primary sources

        Click to access 2005_11_01_John_Fisher_ASC_history.pdf

        visup has a good overview

        on the one hand the fact that all of these dirbag podcasters seem to have fbi / cia connections in their families (anna k’s dad was a soviet cryptographer who defected?) shows that there is some serious, dangerous, high level coordination going on, it also shows that the fbi’s kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel for recruits? this is their big “populist” fake-resistance op and the people fronting it are all nepotism hires.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. this is their big “populist” fake-resistance op and the people fronting it are all nepotism hires.

        Hmm, I’m less inclined to write it off that way. Has nepotism hurt the Mafia? It seems to me that having counterintelligence families makes a lot of sense. Knowledge can be passed on confidentially, along with a set of values and living examples that normalize what is an extremely bizarre way of life that very few people are cut out for. Choosing between Brace Belden who is, literally, a born fascist and some random sociopath from Harvard seems less a matter of nepotism than practicality.


      3. Homer

        “normality levels” so basically “autism” without saying “autism.” nice.

        also, like i said before, note the fanatical need to surveil critics and control the narrative. 3 days in and they’re still glued to this comment thread on some nobody’s crazy irrelevant blog.

        also, will, the next time you tussle with garance franke over julia salazar’s nazi family, you should ask her about your families’ own shared history with elizabeth bentley. you might learn something new about your kgb grandfather and his pals in the fbi.


      4. Homer

        and regarding “nepotism hires” i’m kinda leaning towards there being a need to utilize people who had been vetted from birth which means on the one hand, a very sensitive op, but on the other hand, the op isn’t very big or diffuse. they needed to go with deeply connected assets above all, multi-generational family connections, and work extra hard to mold their lazy, narcissistic dumb asses into something useful.


      5. Homer

        and also regarding “scraping the bottom of the barrel” sometimes you just have to throw out some zingers and see who takes the bait, and how that might help you learn that matt and dasha share an utterly banal anxiety about nepotism relating to their own self-worth.

        it’s not too late to repudiate and self-crit guys!


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  8. I had only briefly seen this “Sailor Socialist” from that interview but not after so I’m not too shocked from seeing that she’s a fascists, her “socialist” line is so basic and meaningless. Pizza and healthcare. Jeez.

    Chapo Trap House on the other hand I’d heard more about and only ever listened to once because ContraPoints was on. Heard of some leftists chiding those who criticized Chapo as “leftist disunity” now I see that that original poster was just a centrist defending fellow centrists and crypto fascists at Chapo.


  9. damn just looking at all of the comments by tarzie and pettycartography. Neither of you have lives lol. What do either of you do for a living?


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