Fraught Sources

It’s common knowledge that the New York Times is an elite bourgeois newspaper, and that the Washington Post is owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. But what about our friendly ‘progressive’ ‘independent’ media? This is a quick reference guide, which will be periodically updated.

The Intercept / First Look Media

First Look is ‘independent’ media that was founded by eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar with $250 million dollars in 2013. Omidyar’s other recent activities include helping the US government fund “revolution groups” in Ukraine. Those “revolution groups” are neo-Nazis.

One of The Intercept’s main journalists is Glenn Greenwald, a libertarian who defended a neo-Nazi for five years pro bono because “free speech.”

VICE Media

VICE Media was co-founded by Gavin McInnes, who later went on to found the “Western chauvinist” group The Proud Boys. VICE is now co-owned by large corporations including The Walt Disney Company and A&E Networks.

VICE has published blatant pro-Rojava and pro-Zionist propaganda in recent years. They seem to be on the beat of using identity politics to serve Empire’s agenda: “The Pilgrims were Queer,” “Photos from the Everyday Lives of Young Female Israeli Soldiers” and so on.

2 thoughts on “Fraught Sources

  1. next thing you’ll say is that george soros controls the media and it’s all the fault of the globalists. No surprise there, as moishe postone points out that anti-imperialism and anti-semitism are closely linked. let me cut to the chase –your blog is a crypto-anti-semitic front, isn’t it?


    1. No, anti-imperialism and anti-semitism aren’t “closely linked.” Imperialism – which *is* capitalism – is perpetrated by an economic class, the ruling class of capitalist class society, which is made up of whoever is part of it. Jewish people are an ‘ethnoreligious’ group, not an economic class. These are only the same thing if you’re an anti-semite who thinks Jews control the world. As for George Soros: he’s a billionaire who puts money into politics. He is one of many establishment forces who co-opt and neutralize left-wing people and groups. Soros is a billionaire; being Jewish has nothing to do with it. Like his billionaire peers in the ruling class, he has the interests of the status quo at heart. If you’re ready to defend a billionaire because you take right-wing anti-semitic conspiracy theorists at their word, you’ve got some searching to do.


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